Google Play takes action against inappropriate content: Goodbye deepfakes!

Google Play changes its policies to combat apps with inappropriate content

Google Play changes its policies to combat apps with inappropriate content

In a recent update to its policies, Google Play has decided to take stricter measures against applications that allow the creation of inappropriate content, especially those that facilitate the creation of deepfakes on Android devices.

Deepfakes are videos or images manipulated using artificial intelligence to make a person appear to say or do something that they have not actually done. These technologies have been used maliciously to create misleading or even pornographic content, raising serious privacy and security concerns.

Faced with this problem, Google has decided to take action on the matter and reinforce its moderation policies in the application store. From now on, any app that allows the creation or dissemination of deepfakes will be removed from Google Play and its developers could face sanctions.

This measure is part of Google's efforts to guarantee the security and integrity of its platform, protecting its users from possible abuse and harmful content. With this decision, the company seeks to send a clear message of zero tolerance towards the misuse of content manipulation technologies.

In conclusion, Google Play has taken an important step in the fight against inappropriate content applications, demonstrating its commitment to protecting its users and promoting a safe and healthy environment on its platform. We hope this measure will help curb the growth of deepfakes and ensure a positive experience for all Android users.

This article was written by Ricardo Aguilar for Xataka and was last updated on June 7, 2024.

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