Google bans deepfake applications on Google Play: the end of digital manipulation

Google bans deepfake apps on Google Play

Google bans deepfake apps on Google Play

Recently, Google has announced changes to Google Play policies to prohibit applications that allow inappropriate content to be created, especially deepfake applications on Android. This measure marks the end of the party for these applications that have generated controversy in recent times.

The news was published in Xataka by journalist Ricardo Aguilar, who details that this decision by Google seeks to protect users from possible deception and manipulation through the digital manipulation of videos and photos.

Deepfakes are videos or images manipulated using artificial intelligence to make it appear that a person is saying or doing something that they did not actually do. These applications have been used for malicious purposes, such as spreading false information or creating pornographic content without the consent of the people involved.

With this new policy, Google seeks to guarantee the security and integrity of its platform, preventing harmful or misleading content from spreading. In addition, the company has announced that it will remove all existing deepfake applications on Google Play and will strengthen its control measures to prevent their reappearance in the future.

This decision has been well received by the community, which sees it as an important step to combat misinformation and protect people's privacy in the digital environment. However, some users have expressed concern about the possibility that this measure limits freedom of expression and creativity in the use of technology.

In short, banning deepfake apps on Google Play is a necessary measure to protect users and ensure a safe environment on the platform. We hope that this action will contribute to promoting responsible use of technology and preventing the spread of false and harmful content online.

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