Improvements in iPadOS 18: Apple Intelligence and Siri - A look at the new features

New iPadOS 18: Apple Intelligence and Siri

New iPadOS 18: Apple Intelligence and Siri

The recently released iPadOS 18 has brought with it some interesting new features, among which Apple Intelligence and Siri stand out as the main features.

While the platform looks promising, it cannot be said to be revolutionary. However, improvements to Apple's artificial intelligence and virtual assistant are certainly a step in the right direction.

Apple Intelligence is a system that uses advanced algorithms to learn from the user's habits and preferences, offering personalized recommendations and facilitating interaction with the device. On the other hand, Siri has been improved to be faster and more accurate in its responses, becoming an even more useful tool for iPad users.

Overall, iPadOS 18 is a solid update that adds new features and improves the user experience. Although it does not represent a radical change, the improvements in Apple Intelligence and Siri are a sign of Apple's commitment to offering the best technology to its users.

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