"WhatsApp: The improvements that revolutionized video calls"

Improvements in WhatsApp video calls

Improvements in WhatsApp video calls

Video calling has been a popular feature on WhatsApp for almost a decade. However, in recent years, the app has introduced several significant improvements that have improved the user experience.

New features

One of the main improvements in WhatsApp video calls is the possibility of making group calls with up to 8 participants. This feature has made communication between friends, family, and colleagues easier, especially during the pandemic.

Another notable feature is the option to share the screen during a video call. This is useful for presentations, tutorials, or simply showing something to other call participants.

Improvement in quality

WhatsApp has also improved the quality of video calls, offering a sharper image and clearer sound. This is due to the implementation of advanced video and audio compression technologies.


In short, WhatsApp video calling has evolved significantly in recent years, offering users new features and better audio and video quality. These improvements have made the app even more popular among users around the world.

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