Windows 12: Everything You Need to Know Before Launching on June 12, 2024


The anticipated launch of Windows 12 is scheduled according to Commercial Times for June 12, 2024 , generating great expectations in the world of technology. Below, we explore what is known so far about this new operating system from Microsoft, based on official information and the latest news.

1. Innovations and Improvements in the Interface

Windows 12 promises to take the user experience to a new level, with a redesigned user interface that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Greater customization and smoother integration between devices and cloud services are expected.

2. Focus on Security and Privacy

With cyber challenges on the rise, Windows 12 could incorporate advanced security features, better protecting users against security threats and vulnerabilities.

3. Improved Compatibility

Following criticism of Windows 11's hardware requirements, Microsoft could take a more inclusive approach with Windows 12, seeking to balance innovation with accessibility.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Windows 12 is rumored to integrate advanced AI technologies, offering a smarter and more personalized user experience, improving productivity and system performance.

5. Update and Migration

Microsoft is likely to offer Windows 12 as a free upgrade for users of recent versions of Windows, along with tools and support to make the migration easier.


Scheduled for release on June 12, 2024, Windows 12 is shaping up to be a significant advancement in Microsoft's family of operating systems. As we get closer to the release date, we expect to get more details confirming these features and revealing new functionality.

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